Boris Johnson sets sights on all UK electricity coming from green sources by 2035

Boris Johnson aims to get all UK electricity from green energy sources by 2035 to help tackle the climate crisis and end the country’s reliance on imported fossil fuels.

The Prime Minister said this morning that he believes that by the middle of the next decade the UK can achieve “completeness of clean energy production”, including renewable energy sources and nuclear power.

He argued that the move would lower energy prices and end reliance on foreign power sources as a cost of living crisis looms – in part because of soaring natural gas prices.

Mr Johnson confirmed his ambition to reporters when he visited a Network Rail location in Manchester where he hosts the annual Conservative Convention.

“The upside is that for the first time the UK is not dependent on overseas hydrocarbons, with all the volatility in hydrocarbon prices and the risk to people’s pockets and to the consumer,” he said.

“We will depend on our own clean generation of electricity, which will also help us keep costs down.”

Mr Johnson pointed out the policy of phasing out gasoline and diesel cars by 2030 when a ban is put in place on new cars and vans that run entirely on fossil fuels.

By increasing advances in the use of wind power and the potential of other renewable sources, the prime minister said that “we believe we can complete clean energy production by 2035”.

The government is expected to commit to a massive investment program in renewable energy and nuclear power as the country turns away from coal and gas.

In June, the National Grid Electricity Systems Operator said the UK would see periods of fossil-less fuel and 100% CO2-free electricity in just four years.

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