Boris Johnson to give coronavirus press conference tomorrow

Boris Johnson to give coronavirus press conference tomorrow

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will hold a press conference on coronavirus tomorrow.

He is joined by the best scientists in the government after Mr Johnson was accused by Labor of “grossly incompetent” after distorting his own coronavirus rules.

When asked by a journalist about a major speech, the Prime Minister mistakenly suggested that the “rule of six” only apply indoors.

Indeed, gatherings of more than six people are prohibited in England, both indoors and outdoors.

Amid confusion over new rules for millions of people in the northeast of England, the Prime Minister is expected to provide an update on the government’s response on Wednesday. reports The Mirror.

He is accompanied by Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance and Chief Medical Officer Professor Christ Whitty, as No. 10 has confirmed.

The press conference will focus on the latest numbers, not the announcement of new lockdown measures.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “The aim is to bring the latest statistics up to date.

“It’s not because certain new announcements need to be made.”

In addition to journalists, members of the public can also ask questions to the Prime Minister.

No10 started an appeal for public questions on Twitter.

Daily press conferences on Downing Street were a key feature of the early stages of the pandemic, but briefings were canceled in the summer.

Union representative Angela Rayner said: “It is grossly incompetent for the Prime Minister not to understand his own rules.

“These new restrictions are due to take effect across much of the country tonight.

“The government needs to get a grip.”



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