Boris Johnson to host Downing Street press conference today

Boris Johnson will speak to the nation again after dire news the country recorded 100,000 deaths yesterday.

There wasn’t an exact time when it would take place, but they usually start at 5pm tonight.

This comes after government officials grilled today on news that this country passed the dire milestone yesterday.

Boris Johnson said yesterday that he had taken responsibility for the deaths and was “sad”.

Community Secretary Robert Jenrick said “we have done all we can to save people’s lives,” but admitted that some things could have been done differently “in retrospect.”

He told Sky News, “We made the decisions we could make at this point based on the information we had.

“And we have done everything to protect and help people’s lives Weather the storm and lead the country through this very challenging time.

“There isn’t a textbook on how to respond to a pandemic like this, but we believe we made the right decisions at the right time.”

His comments came as the government’s coronavirus death toll surpassed 100,000 – but separate data released by statistics agencies puts it at 115,000. It has been almost a year since the first known coronavirus death occurred in the UK on January 30th.


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