Boris Johnson 'tried to meet the Queen in person' at the start of covid pandemic

Insider sources claim Boris Johnson attempted to have his weekly audience with the Queen at the start of the first wave of coronavirus.

The sources claim aid workers were forced to convince the prime minister that a visit to the then 93-year-old monarch could endanger her life, reports the mirror.

The risks of the coronavirus for the elderly were already known and on March 18, when the couple was supposed to meet, there were 2,626 cases in the UK.

A little over a week later, on March 27, Mr Johnson himself tested positive for coronavirus and ended up in intensive care while battling the disease.

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The royal audience finally took place over the telephone.

No. 10 denies that Mr. Johnson tried to see the Queen face to face. A spokeswoman said: “This is completely wrong”.

But two different sources told Spiegel that the prime minister intended to visit the palace in person.

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One said: “He urged advisors to allow him to visit the Queen and told his private office that this was his intention.

“This despite the rising Covid levels and the risk that such a visit would entail.

“Finally, he saw a reason when he was firmly asked by a senior adviser if he could imagine the reaction if he was responsible for the Queen’s death.

“At that point his face turned ashen and he rushed back to his office and muttered that the whole thing was ridiculous. No more was said about it.”

A second insider confirmed the information.

The next day the Queen traveled to Windsor, where she spent the first lockdown with Prince Philip and a small “bubble” of key personnel.

Later on March 18 last year, the prime minister warned the country at a press conference that he was ready to take “further and faster action” to fight the virus.

The government had already asked people to stay home – and ministers were also considering sealing off London.

Mr Johnson held his first personal weekly audience with the Queen in 15 months on Wednesday.

The monarch announced that she had followed the ailments of Health Secretary Matt Hancock, whom she described as a “poor man”.

Labor vice-chair Angela Rayner said: “This is further evidence that Boris Johnson’s ruthless and carefree demeanor from the start of this pandemic to the current surge in the Delta variant is the cause of our worst death toll in Germany have Europe. “


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