Boris Johnson: 'U.K.-U.S. thinking has been coming together' in recent weeks

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Sunday that he had seen the US and his nation’s priorities “come together” in recent weeks.

Johnson said on CBS News’ Face the Nation that he and President Joe Biden have had two productive conversations since he took office last month.

‚ÄúThere have been some important developments in the way the UK-U.S. There has been reflection over the past few weeks, particularly on issues such as climate change, NATO and Iran, but especially how the US and UK will work together to address the environmental challenges that our planet faces, “said Johnson.

Biden has in the past compared the Conservative Party leader negatively to former President Donald Trump. When hostess Margaret Brennan asked if he was concerned the two got off on the wrong foot, Johnson didn’t respond directly.

“I think I have had two long and very good conversations with the President and we had a really good exchange, especially about climate change and what he wants to do,” he replied.

Trump pointed to comparisons between him and the UK Prime Minister, who took office in 2019 amid the turmoil of Britain’s Brexit efforts – and who had the US President’s support on the sensitive issue.

But the former president also tested the so-called special relationship with Britain by withdrawing from the Iranian nuclear deal and the Paris climate agreement, although both were still active in the UK.

Johnson highlighted climate change and Iran policies as areas where the two countries could work together.

“I think some of the things we are hearing now from the new American administration and the new White House are incredibly encouraging,” said Johnson.

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