Boris Johnson urged to delay roadmap and date for international travel

The Wales First Minister has asked Boris Johnson to postpone the May 17th international travel date in his roadmap next week.

Speaking to Ranvir Singh and Charlotte Hawkins of Good Morning Britain, Drakeford criticized Boris Johnson’s “over-optimistic” May 17th date for resuming international travel – and called for a delay.

The First Minister said the ongoing third wave in Europe and the increasing problem in France pose a very real threat to the possibility of new varieties and reinfections spreading across the UK if air traffic resumes in England on May 17th .

He then said he “hopes” Boris Johnson will announce the delay next week to avoid anyone raising his hopes for a summer break abroad in May or June.

Speaking to Ranvir, the Welsh Labor Minister said: “The UK roadmap has resumption of international travel on May 17th and I have long argued that this is overly optimistic and does not reflect the risk of re-importing coronavirus from other parts of.” circulate the world and new variants.

“The reports I heard earlier in France only show how close some of these risks are right now.

“When the prime minister speaks next week, I hope he will say that this date has to be postponed further into the future.”

So far, none of the milestones in Boris Johnson’s “irreversible roadmap” for the lockdown has stalled as the UK government’s “data on data” approach advances.

Currently, high school and college students have returned to classrooms across the UK and the rule of six is ​​returning to meetings outside of England this week.

Calls from Mark Drakeford to postpone the date on international travel disputes only made 24 hours earlier on the same show.

Ranvir and Susanna Reid have been informed by Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary that he expects holidays in the EU and abroad to resume by June. The low-cost airline’s CEO expects the vaccination program to accelerate across the continent in April and May.

Since then, French President Emmanuel Macron has closed schools across the country for four weeks as the country tries to contain and suppress the third wave.

As an alternative to going abroad, Mark Drakeford urged the Welsh public to see what is going on during the holidays and encouraged citizens to take the opportunity to visit parts of the country that they could not visit before.

He later told Ranvir and Charlotte that he expected cultures like wearing masks, hand sanitizing, and other measures to be in place by the end of 2021.

He added, “I believe for the rest of the calendar year we will all have to do the basic things that we have learned and that have helped us so much.

“This includes distancing yourself socially, making sure you wash your hands, wear masks – and being respectful of other people.”

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