Boris Johnson urged to explain where Downing Street flat cash came from

Former Attorney General Dominic Grieve said Boris Johnson needed to explain how the renovation of his Downing Street apartment was paid for.

Former top advisor to the Prime Minister Dominic Cummings has accused Mr Johnson of planning to get Tory donors to pay for the work. He reportedly received a donation of £ 58,000.

Mr Grieve – a longtime critic of Mr Johnson – described the Prime Minister as a “vacuum of integrity” that now needs to be cleansed.

“It’s all smoke and mirrors. He didn’t say when he decided to repay it or whether he has repaid it now, ”he told BBC Radio 4 Today.

“The fact of the matter is that I think he received an important gift for renovating the apartment.

“When a minister goes abroad and receives a gold watch from a foreigner, he has to return it to the government or buy it back. He doesn’t have £ 58,000, if so, to renovate your private apartment on Downing Street.

“My impression is that the source of money for this renovation was constantly struggling.”


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