Boris Johnson warns school closures could happen in the next few weeks

When asked if he could guarantee the schools will open on Jan. 18, Boris Johnson told the Andrew Marr show, “Well, of course we will continue to assess the impact of the Tier 4 measures, the Tier 3 measures . “

When asked if GCSE and A-level exams should be canceled, the Prime Minister said, “We have to be realistic, we have to be realistic about how quickly this new variant has spread … we have to be realistic about the impact, that has it on our NHS … and we have to be humble in the face of this virus. “

Pointing out that stricter restrictions could be put in place, Mr Johnson said, “We may have to do things over the next few weeks that will be tougher in many parts of the country.

“I totally agree.”

He added, “There are obviously a number of tougher measures we would have to consider … I’m not going to speculate about what they would be right now, but I’m sure all of our viewers and listeners will understand what things are … clearly school closings that we had to do in March are one of those things. “

Boris Johnson said that we have to be “humble” in view of the new Covid-19 variant.

When asked what his message was to the councils in England that have said their schools should close, the Prime Minister said, “My message to such councils is that they should be guided by the public health advice they are giving currently state that schools are safe in the areas where we are not being driven by the new variant to close them.

“That children’s education has to be a priority, but of course we want to work with them. I mean, we have to be humble about the impact of this new variant of the virus.

“Let’s face it, we have very difficult weeks and months before the vaccine goes live.”

Boris Johnson hopes side river tests will help schools return.

He said, “We will work with local authorities, schools and those in charge across the country.

“Our advice remains the same. For public health reasons, in the vast majority of the country, in large parts of the country, we think it makes sense to keep schools open, elementary schools, as you know secondary schools return a little later.

“And the second thing is that we’re going to be pushing testing across the system, and I don’t think people would have focused enough on that if I was allowed to for just a second.

“One of the things we didn’t have when we went into the first lockdown where we sadly had to close schools was that we didn’t have that many cross-flow tests.

“We now have hundreds of millions of cross-flow tests that I believe and hope can be used, especially in secondary schools, to aid school return.”


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