Boris Johnson welcomes 'Big Six' European Super League decision

Prime Minister Boris Johnson welcomed the announcement by English football clubs that their planned withdrawal from the proposed European Super League was “the right result”.

The so-called English Big Six football clubs withdrew from the controversial new competition after widespread outrage and threats from Mr Johnson with legislative measures.

Manchester City were the first to confirm their retirement from the proposed competition before Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool and Tottenham announced their withdrawals late Tuesday. Chelsea announced their retirement in the early hours of Wednesday.

Boris Johnson tweeted: “I applaud last night’s announcement.

“This is the right result for football fans, clubs and communities across the country. We have to keep protecting our cherished national game. “

Mr Johnson’s comments follow those behind the league, saying they will consider “the most appropriate steps to transform the project” after the mass withdrawals.

In a statement, the league said: “Despite the announced departure of English clubs who are forced to take such decisions due to the pressure on them, we believe that our proposal is fully in line with European laws and regulations Consistent is as follows from a court ruling today to protect the Super League from actions by third parties, ”added the league in its statement.

“Given the current circumstances, we will reconsider the most appropriate steps to redesign the project, always keeping in mind our goals of providing the fans with the best experience possible while improving solidarity payments for the entire football community.”

Mr Johnson had previously warned that he was ready to legislate to block the new league plans and accused breakaway football clubs of “forming some kind of cartel”.


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