Boris Johnson's hair: Who is the Prime Minister's barber and where does he get his locks cut?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is known for his shaggy, mop-like hairstyle.

Like many others, he has not been able to have his locks trimmed during the many lockdowns in England, with barbers and stylists closed.

This made him struggle to tame his hair as it blew in the wind as he went about his daily business.

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However, the Prime Minister was undeterred, appearing in the House of Commons, attending cabinet meetings and updating the public on Covid-19 at the regular conferences.

So who is the Prime Minister’s hairdresser and how often does Boris Johnson get his shaggy haircut? Here’s what we know.

Who is the Prime Minister’s hairdresser and when does he get his hair cut?

Boris Johnson has had several different stylists over the years.

When he was British Foreign Secretary, he allegedly went to the Bay Room in Angel, north London, to have his hair cut.

According to The Sun newspaper , the shopkeeper told the publication that the politician only gets his hair chopped every two and a half to three months.

But it’s believed he didn’t stick with the deal when he became prime minister. Instead, opt for a hairdresser in your area.

2019, The Sun newspaper reported that the Prime Minister had his hair cut at Funky Barber in west London after the boss yelled at him to have it done.

Owner Simon told the publication that Johnson should have his locks trimmed every four weeks to maintain the look. He said: “I told him he should get his hair cut and it would be a lot better for his looks and although he was a little hesitant at first he was happy to try it.

“I would say he needs a trim every four weeks to keep his style. It looks a lot tidier and I think it suits him.”

But as the coronavirus pandemic began and England’s national lockdowns were put in place, Johnson, like the rest of us, struggled to keep his hair in check.

According to the mail online , the PM’s wife, Carrie, cut her hair for the first time in February 2021.

Once England’s national lockdown was lifted and rules allowed, Johnson opted for a cut at a personal barber at his Downing Street flat.


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