Boston Dynamics workshop viewed for the first time

Boston Dynamics has made a name for itself in recent years by building incredibly agile machines that can run, jump, spin and even perform stylish dance moves, designed to give their money’s worth.

In this way, the number of questions about Boston Dynamics, which has skyrocketed in popularity, has increased. One of the most curious questions is, of course, what the design workshop is like for such interesting robots.

Boston Dynamics is not afraid of making mistakes

The technology company, which rarely opens its doors to anyone other than employees, gave the 60-minute CBS team exclusive access to the Massachusetts workshop to answer the “ years of ” question.

The video on the 60 Minutes website shows Anderson Cooper touring the workshop and meeting a number of employees, including Boston Dynamics founder and president Marc Raibert. Raibert also talks about the company in the video;

“Anyone who follows trials and issues with Boston Dynamics robots such as Spot, Atlas and Handle knows when something goes wrong, not just when it goes right. Failure is a big part of the development process at Boston Dynamics.

In addition to this speech, Raibert explained his team’s motto as: “Do it, break it, fix it.” The founder also mentioned an extraordinary video in which his team recently put together some of his advanced robots for a dance session that showcased impressive movement and balance skills comparable to those of humans and animals. Raibert states that the project took eight months to operate and implement.

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