Boy, 12, and tour guide have limbs ripped off in shark attack in Red Sea

A boy and a tour guide had their limbs ripped off in a terrible shark attack off the coast of Egypt in a popular tourist destination.

A 12-year-old boy, his mother and a tour guide were among a group of six attackers who were attacked while snorkeling in the Red Sea on Sunday, according to local reports.

The group swam around the Ras Muhammud Reef in Sharm-El-Sheikh with a local guide, as three of the group according to information from Alrabiya.

The Egyptian environment ministry said three people were injured in the attack on Sunday.

Officials said the group was forced to climb a coral reef to escape the attack.

But the shark continued to beat up three of the swimmers, including the child, the ministry said.

They were torn from the water and taken to the hospital to be treated for their injuries.

Officials said the shark was a two-meter long oceanic whitetip.

The State Tourism Development Agency of Ukraine said a 12-year-old national and his mother were attacked.

Surgeons tried to reattach the boy’s arm, but he could not be saved, a statement said Unian.

Boy, 12, and tour guide have limbs ripped off in shark attack in Red Sea 1

A diver who had been working near the attack site that day had shown the ministry a video of a similarly sized female shark acting aggressively.

Officials closed the area of ​​Ras Mohammed National Park where the attack took place.

There have been a number of attacks along this stretch of coast in recent years.

In December 2010, a number of people in Sharm el-Sheikh were attacked by sharks in shallow waters.

Boy, 12, and tour guide have limbs ripped off in shark attack in Red Sea 2

Three Russians and one Ukrainian were seriously injured in an incident within minutes.

Four days later, a German woman was killed in another attack.

The attacks had a catastrophic impact on the local tourism industry.

The officials were stunned by the “unprecedented” series of attacks and opened an investigation.

Theories included concerns that overfishing in the area is driving the sharks to despair or that animal carcasses are thrown into the waters and attract the predators.

Deadly attacks by oceanic whitetips are rare.

However, they became involved in attacks on shipwreck survivors.


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