Boy, 15, killed in front of 32 schoolkids after 'trivial' Snapchat row

Boy, 15, killed in front of 32 schoolkids after 'trivial' Snapchat row

A teenager who murdered a 15-year-old boy on a bus over a “trivial” Snapchat series has been incarcerated for at least 16 years.

Baptista Adjei was killed after a school beef chat in front of a group of 32 teenagers on social media.

After a trial at the Old Bailey, 16-year-old Marvin Dyer was convicted of murder and wounding.

A second defendant, also 16 years old, was found not guilty of involvement in the incident.

Registration restrictions that previously prevented Dyer from being named were lifted when he was convicted on Friday.

Dyer was sentenced to a life sentence of at least 16 years.

Judge John Hillen said to him: “You were only six weeks older than him.

“You took your life, you took Baptista away and what his family describes as massive emptiness left in their life.”

He described Baptista as a “popular boy who is very much loved and shows promise in school and sports”.

He continued, “Not only have you taken a life, you have corrupted the lives of many others whom Baptista knew and loved.”

Old Bailey was previously told that one of the teenagers alerted the other after seeing Baptista and friends on a bus to Stratford, east London, on the afternoon of October 10th last year.

Dyer, wearing a blue latex glove and a “mean looking” hunting knife, got in as the bus pulled up.

He stabbed Baptista twice in the chest with the 10-inch blade.

The fatally injured teenager managed to get off the bus and run away, but fell to the ground near a McDonald’s restaurant.

Another boy survived when he was stabbed in the arm and leg.

He later told police that the attack had taken place a few weeks earlier after a school joke on the social media platform Snapchat.

He said the “school beef chat” started with fun before a soccer game.

One of the defendants had sent Baptista a message: “If you don’t have any bodies on your blade, exit the group chat.”

Baptista reportedly replied, “Shut up. You’ll be the first.”

Prosecutor Deanna Heer said it was a “shocking case” and “almost unthinkable” that the defendant could arm himself over “something so trivial”.

She told the jury, “This was not a spontaneous attack. Evidence shows that he carried a knife and a balaclava to cover his face and at least one latex glove to handle the knife.”



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