Boy, 3, found unconscious on boat after watching both parents drown in lake

A three-year-old boy was found alive after watching his parents drown in a lake in Russia.

The child, Demid, was found in the family’s small boat that kept moving towards the shores of Lake Khanka.

His father Andrey Savochkin, 41, fell overboard and his mother, Christina Podareva, 31, fell while trying to save him, law enforcement officials said.

Demid was found unconscious and hypothermic the day after the family disappeared, but survived the tragedy.

A five-day search for his mother and father ended when their bodies washed up on the lake shore.

Demid, who has suffered exposure and is in “serious condition,” told Demid rescuers that his mother tried to get him to turn off the boat’s outboard motor, but he was unable to.

He watched his father fall over the side of the ship and then watched his mother get into trouble trying to save him.

Dmitry Ivanov, a family friend, said: “He saw his mother drown, waved her arms and yelled at him to press a button.

“I understand she told him to turn off the engine.”

Andrey Savochkin with son Demid

The boat moved on while his parents struggled in the 17 ° C lake that straddles the Russian border with China.

NTV reported, “Investigators believe both parents died in front of the boy.

“He miraculously survived.”


The boy was found when people at the campsite became concerned the family had not returned from a boat trip and a search began.

It turned out that the boat had run aground on the bank.

Rescuer Vitaly Vasilkov said: “I didn’t even know if he was breathing, if he was alive.

“I massaged his little legs and arms and wiped the sand from his face and eyes.”

Officials started a search for parents Andrey and Christina after their young son was found alone in a boat

Surgeon Alexander Korchak from the Khanka District Hospital said, “The young patient was admitted to the hospital in very poor condition.

“His body temperature was only 33 ° C (91.4 ° F) degrees.”

Demid initially required intensive medical treatment and is now in a “satisfactory” condition and is being looked after by his grandmother.

Andrey Savochkin

A huge hunt for his parents was launched, but the Russian Investigation Committee said: “The bodies of a man and a woman were washed ashore on Lake Khanka not far from where the boat was found.

“There are investigators and criminologists from the investigation department on site.”

No suspicious wounds were found on the bodies and their alleged cause of death is drowning.

Baby Demid in the hospital with his grandmother and a police officer who saved him

“The family man lost his balance and fell into the water,” reported Prime Media, citing law enforcement agencies.

“His wife tried to help him and she herself fell into the water. The victims were not wearing life jackets.

“The boat kept moving until it crashed onto the bank.”

The tragic mother’s friend, Irina, said: “Christina’s child was her world.”

The family from the village of Novy in the Primorski region were proud of their new boat, which they bought with a loan.

Police officers gave the boy a remote control car when he was recovering in the hospital.


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