Boy, 3, survived drifting in dinghy for a day after his parents drowned in storm

A three-year-old boy survived alone on a dinghy in Ake for a day after his parents fell out in a storm and drowned.

The toddler was found unconscious in a motorized ship near Lake Khanka in the Far Eastern Russian region of Primorsky Krai, which borders North Korea.

The boy, identified only by his first name Fedya, passed out in the hospital and told his grandma that his parents drowned before him.

He said the last words his mother said to him were what to do until the rescuers showed up.

A search was launched to find his father, Andrey Savochkin, 41, and mother, Christina Podareva, 31, 31, and their bodies were recovered later on Wednesday.

It remains unclear what happened to the family on the lake and how Fedya miraculously survived, but it is believed that his mother’s last words allowed him to stay safe until he was discovered.

It is also believed that one of the boy’s parents managed to turn off the boat’s engine after being thrown into the water during the storm and unable to get back on board.

Fedya’s parents have been described as seasoned anglers who taught their son a love of water activities from birth.

A preliminary investigation found the parents likely fell off the ship and drowned in front of their son, adding that it was a miracle he survived.

One theory is that while the boat was traveling at high speed, it bumped into something and the parents were thrown overboard.

The boat Fedya was found in

They were then unable to get back on board due to the severe storm they may have wanted to escape from.

Family friend Dmitry Ivanov said, “It seems like he saw his mother drowning, waving her arms and asking him to press a button. As I understand it, she asked him to turn off the engine.”

The investigation continues.


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