Boy, 7, knifed to death by his dad after court forced child to visit him on New Year

Daniele was killed when he was stabbed in the neck by his father Davide Paitoni at home in the municipality of Morazzone in the province of Varese, Italy

Daniele was stabbed to death by his father after the court ordered him to spend New Years with him (

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A 7-year-old boy was fatally stabbed in the neck by his estranged father after a court ordered him to spend the New Year with him.

The boy had asked his mother and grandparents not to send him, but the family had no choice.

Allegations by the family come after it became known that authorities have opened an investigation into why the violent man was allowed to take care of the boy, especially as he was already being investigated for another attempted knife stab.

The 40-year-old warehouse keeper Davide Paitoni was under house arrest because he died on April 26th.

However, that did not stop a judge from ruling that the seven-year-old son of the man who lived with his mother could spend New Year’s Eve with him.

Warehouse worker Davide Paitoni, 40, was under house arrest for attempting to stab his work colleague



The tragic boy’s grandfather now told Il Corriere della Sera Milano: “The little boy did not want to leave. We made a mistake bringing him to his father. But he had the judge’s permission …”

The boy was killed when he was stabbed in the throat while alone with his father at home in the municipality of Morazzone, also in the province of Varese. It is currently not clear whether the boy was previously drugged.

After stabbing the boy, the father hid his body in the closet of his father Renato Paitoni’s estate.

The alleged killer later left the house after sending an audio message to his own father saying, “Don’t open the bedroom closet.”

The suspect was in the process of separating from the boy’s mother and is believed to have killed her son in part in revenge for the separation, in addition to her complaint of previous domestic violence cases to the police.

He would injure the woman again after showing up on New Year’s Day at her parents’ house, where the mother and son temporarily lived, in the municipality of Gazzada Schianno, also in the province of Varese, allegedly to return the boy.

The boy had asked his mother and grandparents not to send him, but the family had no choice after the court order



However, he showed up empty-handed after allegedly killing the boy and stabbed his estranged wife, 36, several times, injuring her but reportedly not putting her life at risk.

He fled the scene and sent his estranged wife two voice messages in which he falsely told her: “Daniele is safe. I attacked you to punish you for ruining my life and because you wanted to take my son away from me. “

The suspect was finally arrested on January 2 by military officials after a chase and then walking through the forest in the municipality of Viggiu, also in the province of Varese.

He should “Shoot me!” have screamed. while holding a knife as he was cornered.

The mother had reported her then husband twice for domestic violence during their time together.

They reportedly had only recently lived together before the woman decided to take her son in and move in with her parents.

The Justice Department has now requested an investigation into why Judge Anna Giorgetti allowed the boy to spend New Year’s Eve at his father’s house on the grounds that he was under house arrest for attempted murder and in light of previous domestic violence charges.

Giorgetti had established at the time that the complaints against him were “pending charges that could be resolved favorably for the suspect”.

Daniele’s funeral will take place on January 7th in Gazzada Schianno.

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