Boy hit by combine harvester in front of parents but miraculously survives

WARNING: IMPRESSIVE CONTENT – Footage filmed in Bozhou City, northwest China’s Anhui Province shows the child being beaten after walking across a street

China: combine harvester hits child on street in Bozhou

A young boy was hit by a combine harvester in front of his horrified parents, but miraculously survived.

Footage filmed in the city of Bozhou in China’s northwestern Anhui Province shows the child being beaten after walking across a street.

A man believed to be his father stands on one side of the road during the incident and yells when he understands the boy has been hit.

The video shows the boy running across the street and being hit by the vehicle.

It is believed that the child overlooked the combine harvester because a truck trailer was parked on the side of the road and blocked his view.

The boy just before he was met in Bozhou, China



The clip shows the boy, who is not named, as he is hit in the head by the head of the vehicle.

He seems to avoid being run over by the vehicle’s wheels while his parents scream and run to his rescue.

After the terrible incident, the boy stands up alone and bursts into tears as the adults nearby carry him away.

Local media reported that the boy was seriously injured in the incident and only suffered a few bruises and cuts.

It’s unclear whether the combine operator stopped to check on the boy.

It is also unknown whether the police are investigating the matter.

The child was hit by a combine harvester after walking across a street



Earlier this month, two children were seriously injured after being hit by Land Rover in a horror hit.

An ambulance landed on the scene to take the young victims of the impact to the hospital.

They were captured by the vehicle in Ashton, Greater Manchester, just before 4 p.m. on October 1.

A white Land Rover collided with two pedestrians, both of whom were under five, Greater Manchester Police confirmed.

The driver stayed on site to help the police with their investigation, said a GMP spokesman.


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