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Boy saves sister's life as she chokes on LEGO with trick he learned at school

Boy saves sister's life as she chokes on LEGO with trick he learned at school

A 10-year-old boy was hailed as a hero after using the Heimlich maneuver to save his little sister’s life after she suffocated on a piece of LEGO.

The quick-thinking Harrison Walsmley did not hesitate to perform the lifesaving technique when six-year-old Eva stormed into his room, crying and breathing heavily.

He had already learned first aid at his school in March but said he knew what to do to “make sure she is safe”.

He managed to remove the Lego by slapping her on the back several times before performing the Heimlich maneuver – abdominal pain expelling air and objects from the lungs.

Harrison of Blackburn, Lancs. Said, “It was terrifying when I had to put into practice the knowledge I had learned, but I’m glad I got it right.”

“I just wanted Eva to be fine and safe.

“I knew what to do. She choked and I had to act. “

Harrison’s parents have spoken of their immense pride after discovering that he had saved his sister’s life.

Dad Brian Walmsley, 37, said, “It was a split second decision that saved your life. I’m proud of the way Harrison did it.”

“He’s incredibly calm and managed to think about what to do without panicking.”

The children were playing in their rooms on the evening of August 17th when the tragedy struck.

Harrison suddenly yelled that Eva was choking and the frightened parents rushed upstairs to see her shiver and cry.

At that moment, Brian said it was “Parents’ Worst Nightmare” as he feared the worst.

Boy saves sister's life as she chokes on LEGO with trick he learned at school 1

The Framework Manager said, “They were playing in the bedroom when we suddenly heard Harrison calling us into the bedroom.

“He called out” Mom, Dad, quick, Eva chokes “.

“She was completely red in the face and was crying – it was horrible.

“She was shaking and crying and he was just so nervous – it was just such a great excitement.

“We checked that she was okay and it was clear that she was no longer choking, but we took her to the hospital anyway.

“Fortunately everything was fine and the worst was behind us.

“But at that moment it was just terrible – seeing your child like that is a parent’s worst nightmare.”

Boy saves sister's life as she chokes on LEGO with trick he learned at school 2

Brian said he was so grateful that his son managed to learn first aid just before the students were sent home because of the Covid pandemic or things could have ended “very differently”.

Harrison learned about lifesaving technology at his school’s RC Elementary School in St. Mary, Osbaldeston during a Flat Stan first aid course, which is designed for children to help people in emergencies.

Brian, father of two, said, “I am so grateful. It is so easy for a child to gag and it can just happen in the blink of an eye.

“But it’s fantastic that the school commissioned first aid training, and more remarkable that Harrison learned and remembered it all these months.

“He learned about a week before school closed, so we’re so lucky that things could have ended very differently.

“Learning how to do these things is so important because you can’t predict when something like this can happen – you just have to be ready.”

As a reward for his heroism, Harrison’s parents said Santa would be “extra generous” this year.

Brian added that Eva was embarrassed and will no longer eat plastic toys.

They said: “We are happy and relaxed now, but Eva is a little embarrassed.

“She won’t put plastic toys in her mouth anymore.

“But she’s safe and fine now, which is all that matters.”

The principal at Harrison’s school sang the praises of the young boy and said the community was “so proud” of the boy.

Maria Coulthard said, “Harrison’s quick thinking and ability to keep calm in a potentially life threatening situation by putting into practice what he learned in school has won me and the entire school community at St. Mary’s, Osbaldeston made so proud of him. ”




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