Brad Lander Knows How to Achieve the Big, Bold Structural Changes That Will Transform New York

There is much talk about which contender in the crowded field of New York mayoral candidates offers the boldest vision to bring justice and justice to the largest community in the country.

But the most striking agenda for the future of New York – and cities across the country – actually comes from a candidate for the junior position of City Examiner: Brad Lander.

A city planner who has earned his reputation as an advocate of affordable housing and sustainable development, Lander has been an outspoken progressive leader on New York City Council and nationally for more than a decade. Not only is he a co-founder of Progressive Caucus of the Council, he was chairman of Local progress, a network of more than 800 progressive local election officials in 45 states. It makes sense, then, that Lander redesigned a down-mood office as a platform for empowering local government to promote economic, social and racial justice – and as a vehicle for realizing the corporate responsibility that is so effective that Lander confidently declares “I will hold companies in which we invest accountable for good governance and ensure that they: Take bold action to protect the climate; Protect workers’ rights, wages and safety; have different boardrooms and staff; women and people of color pay fair. “

The person who holds the auditor’s office, historically viewed as a kind of bureaucracy, serves as the city’s chief financial officer with defined responsibilities including auditing city authorities and overseeing the investment of pension funds. Lander, who got high marks for his work on participatory budgeting as a council member, is definitely ready for the numbers. Just this week a New York Times approval praised the veteran community organizer and activist as one of the “toughest and most effective public servants in town”.

Another endorser, MP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), Introduced New Yorkers to countries in television commercials in which she announces“Only one comptroller candidate, Brad Lander, knows that you have to work for and with people to bring about bold transformative change.”


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