Bradley Walsh silenced in a rollercoaster episode of The Chase

The Chase game show fans were furious after a roller coaster episode – which made it trending on Twitter in the UK.

And it all started with a man from Birmingham who exceeded all expectations and amazed Chaser Jenny Ryan, aka The Vixen.

After a rough cash builder, Neville faced Jenny with only £ 3,000 in the kitten, but he blew his team down by gambling to take their higher £ 40,000 offer.

His “I’m only here” attitude paid off despite some seriously tricky questions and against one of the toughest quizzers in Britain, and left Bradley Walsh stunned.

Neville brought £ 40,000 back on the team and smiled until Kim went down.

The Hampshire dental hygienist had already worried fans after she misplaced her own husband’s name during a chin wag in front of the Cash Builder with Bradley.

And then came one of The Chase’s main sins, a player who accepts the lesser offer.

The fans were furious on Twitter and so was Brummie Neville. Who reacts perfectly to the picture can be seen in the video above when Kim accepted an offer of – £ 5,000 to return to the team.

Kim’s run almost resulted in her being disfellowshipped, but she just managed to avoid The Vixen returning to Neville and Pete but denting their £ 40,000 pot.

Pete returned with £ 6,000, however, making up for the final chase, which the team continued to lose … but the fans were still furious.

One tweeted, “I hate it when people are passionate about the minus offer,” while another added, “For the first and only time, I wanted the hunter to catch someone!”

A third said, “I think the game should be changed and if you beat the chaser in the final you should get what you put in.”

Another tweeted, “Omg, KIM! Minus £ 5K is such a big hit! You either take what you earned or add massive amounts to the pot. But NEVER take the minus !!!”

The persecution returns on ITV at 5 p.m. every weekday.


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