Breaking Bad Season 5 Latest Full Review And Release Date Update

The fifth and final season of Breaking Bad aired on AMC in the United States and Canada from July 15, 2012 to September 29, 2013. The 16-episode season is divided into two parts, each with eight episodes.


The Dark Knight has nothing in common with Breaking Bad, except for one key quote: “You die as a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the criminal.” The quote couldn’t be more accurate in the case of Walter White in AMC’s flagship series.

Breaking Bad is one of the few exceptions to the rule of many shows with highs and lows throughout the seasons. Each season builds on the previous season’s suspense and plot layers, culminating in some of the greatest TV episodes ever written. The previous season came to a dramatic end.

Gus Fring is no longer alive. Walter White is on top of the world, despite the fact that the operation is a mess. Until of course the first scene of this film. Walter White is now a very different person; he is desperate and on the run. He’s dodging the police with his long hair and torn clothes, and something has imploded in his face.

This effectively sets the mood and mood for the season finale. Walter is arrested, but the question now is how and when. Compared to Season 2’s pink teddy bear and subsequent plane crash, foreshadowing a possible outcome, this creates a very different feeling, one that feels even more urgent and desperate.

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The main source of stress here is Walter’s attempt to pick up where Gus Fring left off. He divides the business into three parts: himself, Jesse and Mike. It’s looking forward, at least for now, but Walter’s adoption of Fring’s place at the top comes with the same icy brutality.

In addition to the plot, there are several examples of symbology, colors, lighting, and smart camera angles that add to the scope of the story. Walter’s house, for example, is shrouded in thick, unforgiving shadows for most of the season. Through pillars, windows and even a coffee table with broken bottles, the camera deliberately builds a barrier between the “good guys” and the “bad guys”.

Breaking Bad season 5

Moreover, there is the music, which is an integral part of the series. Each song has been carefully selected, with lyrics that emphasize the message being conveyed. Not to mention the penultimate episode, which concludes with a fitting rendition of the main title we’ve all grown accustomed to over the years.

Breaking Bad’s success is due to the masterful blend of elements it uses. Yes, the plot is surprising and contains some bizarre moments, but Breaking Bad is so much more. All of the above elements come together to create a chemical reaction unlike anything else seen on the small screen.

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