Brexit Freedoms Bill: What is it, what does it mean and when does the new law come into force?

Today marks a historic occasion in the UK’s history as it is two years since the country left the European Union.

Following the vote on the matter in 2016, Britons voted by 52 percent to 48 percent to quit the bloc after four decades.

But the UK never left the EU immediately. After years of wrangling, extensions to the process and the bringing down of Theresa May’s premiership, MPs finally backed the Withdrawal Agreement, which came into force on January 31, 2020, severing ties between Britain and the bloc.

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Though the UK is no longer a member, many of the laws that originated from the EU were copied into British law, which the Government is now seeking to change through its proposed Brexit Freedoms Bill.

So, what is the Brexit Freedoms Bill, what does it mean and when does the new law come into effect? Here’s what we know.

Brexit Freedoms Bill: What is it and what does it mean?

The Government is preparing to bring the Brexit Freedoms Bill to Parliament, two years after the UK left the bloc.

Ministers hope the new legislation will make it easier to amend, change or remove EU laws that were kept by the UK when the country quit as a member. It will also end the ‘special status’ of EU law.

The Government says officials are working to establish what EU laws are still ‘beneficial’ to the country, with major changes expected on those rules which are no longer seen as necessary by staff.

The benefits of this process to the UK will mean £1 billion of red tape on businesses will be cut, according to the Government, regulation will be reduced and it will contribute to what the Government says will ‘level-up’ the country.

Brexit Freedoms Bill: When does the new law come into effect?

At the moment, the Brexit Freedoms Bill has not yet gone through the House of Commons and House of Lords.

That means it may be some time before the law receives the backing of parliamentarians and the stamp of Royal Assent.

But Prime Minister Boris Johnson says the Brexit Freedoms Bill will build on the UK’s status as a ‘sovereign, independent’ country.

He said: “We have made huge strides since then to capitalize on our newfound freedoms and restore the UK’s status as a sovereign, independent country that can determine its own future.

“The plans we have set out will further unleash the benefits of Brexit and ensure that businesses can spend more of their money investing, innovating and creating jobs.

“Our new Brexit Freedoms Bill will end the special status of EU law in our legal framework and ensure that we can more easily amend or remove outdated EU law in future”.

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