Bride cries ‘how will I live without you?’ as groom shot dead on wedding day

A young bride asked, “How am I supposed to live without you?” after her groom was shot dead by two guests on her wedding day.

The footage shows the newly married couple celebrating their big day just hours before the groom and brother were shot by the guests who stood on the bride’s side.

The incident occurred on January 22nd at a country club in the village of Vlasovo in Russia’s Moscow region.

The groom Radu Cordinianu (34) and his brother Philip Cordinianu (36) were shot on the second day of the wedding celebrations when an argument broke out between Radu and the two alleged murderers Alexey D and Vladimir D.

The situation quickly escalated and the suspects fired six or seven shots, leaving the Cordinianu brothers dead on the scene.

According to the news site Life, the two suspects were arrested in Moscow the following day.

The bride, identified only by her first name Christina, addressed her late fiancée with heartbreaking words.

Philip Cordinianu (right) killed with his wife, children and brother (left)

In an Instagram post she wrote: “How am I supposed to live without you, my beloved man?

“I will always be your wife. I promise it.

You are my only. We’ll be together forever.

The victim, Radu Cordinianu, who was killed at his own wedding

“Just be there, look at me from above and I’ll make all of our dreams come true for you to make you proud of me.

“Sleep well, dear, and I’ll try to survive this pain.”

In the comments, many of the widowed bride expressed their condolences and wished her strength and patience.

The investigation continues.


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