Bride says missing first dance hurt more than breaking ankle on hen do

A bride who broke her ankle on her hen party said missing her first dance hurt more than the horror injury – as she received a payout of £ 30,000.

Laura Laing, 30, was sober when she slipped on mold on the patio of a hot tub in a hot tub at a vacation rental where she stayed with 10 friends in February 2019 – a few weeks before she was due to tie the knot.

The getaway was £ 700 for a three day stay at Air B&B – but on day two Laura slipped and was horrified when her ankle pointed the wrong way.

She then endured multiple trips between different hospitals, fearing how her wedding to 27-year-old partner Calum Laing would go – as well as the honeymoon they booked with DisneyWorld in Florida later in May.

The accident happened on February 16, but when they reached DisneyWorld Laura was still in a wheelchair as the theme park was too crowded to use crutches safely.

She said her wedding was “ruined” and her dress was damaged by the Velcro from the moonboot she was wearing – and she couldn’t even drink because she was taking pain medication.

The cottage owners took responsibility and paid £ 30,000 legal action after it was argued that they could not get rid of the mold as it was a “reasonably foreseeable hazard”.

Laura said, “Our first dance was to Dodie Clark’s song“ Would You Be So Kind? ”But I only got halfway through before I literally had to be carried away.

“I’m glad we didn’t choose a ceilidh as that would have been pointless.

“I then spent most of the night sitting.

“I couldn’t say hello to people because I couldn’t move, and I couldn’t even have a glass of champagne because of the pain medication I was taking.

“But I tried to find the positives in the night because at the end of the day I could still marry my great husband.

“We planned everything for months, so it was frustrating and annoying at the same time that everything was going south because it was sliding on mold.

“I was in absolute agony, but I’ve missed so many experiences, like my first dance with my husband, who probably hurt more than my ankle.”

Administrator Laura from Gracemount, Edinburgh, said: “I knew immediately something was wrong because my ankle was pointing in the wrong direction.

“I remember crying and wondering what that meant for my wedding and honeymoon.”

She had surgery on February 17 at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, where plates and needles were inserted, and was discharged three days later with a moonboot and crutches.

But she needed physical therapy and left two scars on her ankle.

The couple were married in Edinburgh City Chambers on March 23, before hosting a reception at Inch Park Community Sports Hub – but Laura feels like she missed the shopping and makeup anticipation for the big day.

She said, “I had to buy sneakers so I could wear one on my right foot, so at least I could hobble down the aisle with my father.

“I didn’t have to have my dress changed, but it was damaged because it caught on the moonboat’s Velcro.”

And she hopes to have another party to make up for the restrictions on the wedding reception.

Laura added, “It was all a bit of a nightmare to say the least, but my recovery is going well and maybe I can finally host some sort of get-together again in the future where I can finally enjoy what I missed on. “


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