Bride-to-be 'rushes out to get Covid' in nightclub to not ruin wedding in 6 weeks time

An expectant bride posted a video of herself on TikTok darting through a Melbourne club, hugging night owls and sharing drinks in an “unwise” attempt to catch Covid before her big day in six weeks

An unidentified TikToker posted a video of her executing her plan to get Covid to prevent her wedding day from ruining in six weeks (

Image: maddysmart31 / TikTok)

One bride-to-be hugged party-goers and shared drinks at a club as part of her mission to trap Covid-19 now so it doesn’t ruin her wedding day in six weeks.

The woman was seen disregarding the concept of social distancing while roaming around a swanky nightclub in Melbourne, Australia months before she tied the knot in February.

Covid cases in Australia hit record highs as Omicron clubs, along with other tribes, raise infections to nearly 100,000 daily.

In the clip posted on the TikTok video sharing app, the future wife hugs several men and other women who are boogling on the dance floor, hoping to catch Covid so it doesn’t interfere with their wedding.

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She titled the clip, “Catch Covid not emotions” and said, “POV, your wedding is in six weeks and you still haven’t had a Covid”.

Experts around the world have warned of the dangers of contracting the disease that has killed millions of people around the world.

At the beginning of December, a “Catch Covid” party in Norway ended with a record of 50 to 60 people infected with the Omicron strain, which was not yet researched at the time.

The woman may not get another chance to risk her health after the state of Victoria imposed temporary indoor dancing bans to slow the spread of Omicron.

Other bachelors hoping to save their big day and potentially thousands of pounds commented on the video.

The bride-to-be was filmed sharing drinks and hugging men on the dance floor


maddysmart31 / TikTok)

She titled the clip “Covid Don’t Capture Feelings”


maddysmart31 / TikTok)

One woman wrote: “The bride on February 5th and I feel it on so many levels.”

Another said, “We have to do this before your engagement just in case.”

In conversation with the Daily mail, an infectious disease expert warned the public not to deliberately catch Covid.

Catherine Bennett urged people “to avoid infection as long as possible”.

The epidemiologist added that people who are actively trying to get infected if they could “ride through” the current surge are “unwise”.

“We hear a lot of people say it could be mild, but it’s really awful. So if you can avoid it, do it,” she added.

She advised people to get a booster shot to more sensibly bypass the more serious aspects of the virus.

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