Bridgestone with Microsoft Partnerships for Tire Damage Tracking System

Bridgestone, one of the world’s largest tire manufacturers, partnered with the US-based software giant Microsoft to develop a tire damage detection system that can significantly reduce the risk of a traffic accident.

The new Tire Damage Monitoring System (TDMS), developed jointly by Bridgestone and Microsoft, can detect whether the front and rear tires are damaged by a crash and inform the driver in real time. Thus, it eliminates the dangers that the driver may face.

The system uses data from sensors installed in the vehicle, as well as Microsoft’s service called Connected Vehicle Platform (MCVP), and can detect problems on the tire surface through algorithms.

Since TDMS can detect when and where the damage occurred, it can also be used to inform road maintenance organizations about pits or other hazards that pose a risk to drivers. Bridgestone says this technology will be especially useful for autonomous vehicles, which are predicted to become widespread in the future.

Bridgestone states that there is no other equivalent monitoring system on the market and that the closest alternatives require additional equipment to be installed in the vehicle. Tire pressure monitoring systems have been a mandatory feature for all new cars since 2012, but these systems can only detect pressure changes. Therefore, Bridgestone’s new technology offers a much more useful and functional solution.

The Japan-based company points out that tire damage is a factor in 30 percent of car accidents. According to Bridgestone, damage to the tires carries a great risk of damage to the suspension and steering components as well as the wheels.

TDMS will be available to all car manufacturers using the MCVP platform for autonomous functions. For example; German giant Volkswagen basically uses MCVP in its ‘Automotive Cloud’ digital infrastructure.

“Digitalization is a big part of what we do today in Bridgestone,” said Bridgestone EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) CEO and president Laurent Dartoux. We work with industry-leading partners who can support our needs today and in the future. In collaboration with Microsoft, we have the opportunity to bring our Tire Damage Tracking System to millions of drivers and provide them with a safer driving experience. ”

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