Brit covered in blood 'after being hit with Champagne bottle in sunbed row'

A British holidaymaker had blood dripping from a head wound after she was allegedly hit with a bottle of champagne during a row over a sun lounger at a trendy beach club in Marbella.

Blessing Gundu, Rojeen Imanzadeh and Rebecca Frisch, all 20, were enjoying the poolside sun and drinking drinks on Nikki Beach when they say an argument quickly escalated.

Rojeen was covered in blood and had to be sewn on the first of a three day break after a man allegedly hit her with a bottle.

Blessing claims that when the trio went to the other side of the pool to get more sun, one couple made an exception.

She said that she may have placed her arm on the woman’s sun lounger and removed it when prompted.

At this point it is reported that the couple spoke to staff members asking for the Leicester trio to be removed.

A screaming fight ensued after the British asked why the couple asked them to be relocated.

Blessing told the Sun, “When we got up, they started yelling at us. The girl then threw a pillow at me so of course I grabbed the pillow and tossed it back to her.

“Your friend must have seen this and he grabbed a drink and threw it at Rojeen.

“Obviously her first instinct was to toss one back at him and when she tossed it he grabbed an empty bottle of Moet champagne and tossed it on Rojeen’s head.”

Rojeen’s blood flowed from the wound on her face and the three women were angry that the couple were allowed to get dressed and leave.

Blessing said how the Leicester trio had amused themselves before the unprovoked attack by the pool

While Rojeen now has to go to the hospital every two days to have her wound cleaned.

Rebecca’s older sister Nathalie Frisch also reached out to Instagram to slam the attack on her that resulted in Rojeen “having to be sewn in the hospital”.

She said: “The two people involved were verbally abused, then pillows and drinks were thrown at them before the man threw a glass champagne bottle at them.”

A Nikki Beach spokesman told The Sun, “The owners and employees of Nikki Beach are appalled that such an incident occurred on our property on June 23rd.

“Our deepest condolences go to the victims. We are a global family company with locations in 10 countries, where we deal with multiple languages, cultures and ethnic groups peacefully and with respect for all individual rights.

“We do not tolerate violence or discrimination in any form. We praise our employees for the quick reaction that made it possible to quickly identify the person responsible.

“The suspect has been arrested, detained, booked and is currently in jail. What took place on June 23, completely contradicts our corporate values ​​and our mission statement of celebrating life with humility, gratitude and respect for all human life. ”


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