Brit loses two aunts in a week to Covid in India with more family in hospital

A Briton is desperate to raise money to help with the Covid crisis in India after tragically losing two aunts to the virus in the devastated country in a week.

Mohammed Patel, 31, started one GoFundMe Page after the dire situation in the South Asian country hit home.

Shocking images have shown sick people waiting in the streets in front of overcrowded hospitals, and mass funeral pyres are also being held.

India recorded more than 320,000 more cases as British first aid arrived Tuesday, including much-needed oxygen.

Mohammed from Bolton unfortunately lost aunt Yasmin Jina on April 19th, whom he called his “mother in India”.

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A second aunt, Hamida Jina, died on April 24th.

Both women died in Gujarat state on the west coast and were in their fifties.

Mohammed said two other members of his family – Uncle Iqbal Dich and another relative, Jebun Dich – are now also sick with Covid.

He started the fundraising page to provide ventilators and other relief supplies to India after the deaths.

Mohammed said: “[The situation] is just awful. It’s nothing like anything I’ve ever seen, even in a movie.

Family members and ambulance workers in Personal Protection Equipment (PSA) carry the body of a victim who died of the Covid-19 coronavirus at a cremation site in New Delhi

“The first thing that crossed my mind is that India is being destroyed as a country.

“When I asked for the numbers, the doctor said it was pointless to believe them because the deaths on the street are not being recorded.

“You said relatives hope someone else will be buried [the bodies] because they don’t want to come near them.

“The situation is shocking. [The doctor] said he had people walking a mile down the street trying to get treatment. “

Mohammed, a gas station manager, said his two aunts were his father’s sisters.

“Hamida came to the hospital – she was in the hospital for two weeks,” he told Spiegel.

Police are urging shopkeepers to close before a nightly curfew begins after the state government orders to curb the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus in Amritsar

“But when we got her the injections, we think it was a little too late. There is a shortage.

“Yasmin was sent home with oxygen, but her situation worsened. She could not go to the hospital and sadly died.

“The hardest part is that family members are not allowed in. We just have to take the word of the doctors.

“I have always considered Yasmin to be my mother in India. She knew everything about me, even though I was only there a few weeks a year.”

Mohammed now hopes that Iqbal and Jebun will survive their battles with Covid.

He said, “At this point, I have no information [about Jebun]. The last time I was told she was being given oxygen.

Handout photo dated 4/25/21 of ventilators being charged before being shipped from the UK to India in response to the coronavirus crisis

“My uncle got his injections, but he stopped communicating with his doctors.

“I’ve lost two aunts – now I could lose an uncle.”

Mohammed’s fundraising page has a goal of £ 1,500; More than £ 1,100 has been raised to date.

He has contacted hospitals and suppliers who have basically agreed to sell him oxygen.

“There is such a lack of oxygen that the price has gone up,” he said.

Burning pyrene can be seen from the patients who died of the Covid-19 coronavirus in a crematorium in New Delhi

“I’m in negotiations with one of the suppliers. He said he would try to cut costs to the point where he just wanted to make a profit.

“1,500 pounds is just one goal I wanted to start with. I won’t stop here.

“I’m trying to get as much money as possible. I want to help as much as possible.

“I tell people, even if you can’t donate, just share the page – it increases awareness.”

The health system in India has been brought to its knees by the devastating wave of Covid.

Countries around the world – including the UK – are helping to try to help when cases increase rapidly.

India currently has 17.6 million cases and 197,500 deaths, although some believe the real numbers are much higher.

So far, around 10 percent of the country’s population has received a vaccine.

You can visit Muhammad’s GoFundMe page Here.


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