Brit mum-of three stuck in Kabul fears she will 'leave in body bag' without help

The woman said she went to Afghanistan when there was no sign of Kabul falling to the Taliban and accused the British government of being “incompetent”.

A British woman fears that she will return home in a “body bag” (

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A British mother said she fears that her family will leave Kabul “in body bags” if the British government does not help.

The woman, a mother of three from London, spoke of the horrors she witnessed when she was caught in the middle of the Taliban takeover of the Afghan capital.

She believes her death is “imminent” and accuses the UK government of being “incompetent”.

She told the Daily Mail, “My life is now at risk because of your incompetence.”

The woman reportedly tried to leave the country during the evacuation and she witnessed the suicide bombing in which she said it had “rained blood” and felt like “Armageddon”.

The woman stood at the airport gate and said she witnessed the horror of the bomb explosion


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Using the false name of Fatima, she said her family was stopped on the way to the airport by a Taliban officer who held a gun to the driver’s head and interrogated him.

When the bombs exploded, she was near the airport gates and then stayed to arrange her evacuation until she was forced to leave by the Taliban.

Fatima has a British passport but she will reportedly not go without her disabled brother and older mother who are Afghan.

She reportedly alleged that the Foreign Office had told her they were not eligible for asylum and asked her to travel home alone or go to Islamabad.

“If I go they’ll die,” she told her family’s Daily Mail.

“I want to tell the UK government to please bring my family home or we will leave Kabul in body bags.”

The Foreign Office has reportedly said that British citizens in Kabul should try to find a safe place and wait for further advice.

Fatima said she and her family live 20 minutes from the airport and traveled to Afghanistan a little over a month ago without realizing that Kabul would fall into the hands of the Taliban.

She now fears for her safety and wants the UK government to help her family leave


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She said the Taliban made it very difficult for her to seek medical help for her mother.

Fatima said: “It’s horrible here, women can’t work, they scold women who are seen without men.”

She said they couldn’t get a nurse because men can’t touch women who aren’t family members. She also needs a doctor to take care of her brother.

The woman added that she was worried about just going outside and needing other people to go shopping for her.

A spokesman for the Federal Foreign Office said that one could not comment on individual cases.

They continued, “Our staff have worked tirelessly to facilitate the rapid evacuation of British nationals, Afghan workers and other vulnerable people.

“The scope of the evacuation effort was enormous and we have helped over 15,000 people leave Afghanistan since the evacuation began.

“We continue to exert pressure on the Taliban to enable those wishing to leave Afghanistan to leave Afghanistan safely.”


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