Brit nearly killed by croc says 'it's not their fault' as she begs to end culls

A British backpacker who nearly died in a crocodile attack has reportedly asked authorities to leave the reptiles alone, saying, “It’s not their fault.”

Zoo caretaker Melissa Laurie, 28, who was recently released from the hospital, is believed to have defended the animals after the Mexican government reportedly proposed a killing.

Georgia Laurie and her sister Melissa were in a lagoon in Puerto Escondido, Mexico when the brutal attack occurred.

The couple had been taken to an area of ​​the Manialtepec Lagoon where crocodiles nest by a tour guide earlier this month.

When a crocodile grabbed Melissa by the leg, Georgia managed to fend off the 3-foot animal and free her sister from a death roll.

Melissa suffered serious injuries, including a punctured lung, but recovered faster than expected.

The Sun reports that she has now been released from the hospital and does not want the animals to be harmed after her ordeal.

She said, “Just because a traumatic event like this happened doesn’t make me want the crocodiles to pay the price.

“Crocodiles are the ultimate survivors. They are fascinating creatures. As a species, they are almost 200 million years old. Essentially, they are living dinosaurs.

“I am extremely upset and angry about the proposal. Why shoot them with guns when we could shoot them with cameras instead? “

The shocking attack came earlier this month when Melissa and Georgia, from Berkshire, were swimming in a lagoon in Mexico during the day, about 10 miles from Puerto Escondido when the attack took place.

Melissa and Georgie Laurie

The couple had booked a tour with a guide through their hostel and the women later found out that their tour guide was not registered and had taken them to a non-recommended swimming area.

When the crocodile attacked, older sister Hana Laurie, 33, said Georgia kept thinking about her own safety while fighting the reptile.

Georgia heroically beat the crocodile who was fighting to free Melissa.

After Georgia managed to evict the crocodile, her sister was seriously injured and put into a medically induced coma.

She had severe lung injuries, injuries to her organs, and bite wounds on her body that became infected.

Melissa was visited by her parents, Sean and Sue, from Sandhurst, Berkshire, who are looking after her with their sister in Mexico.

She is expected to need a few more weeks of rest in Mexico before she is well enough to board a plane back to the UK.


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