Brit tourist, 43, found dead in Bali swimming pool sparking police investigation

A British tourist was found dead at the bottom of a swimming pool in Bali, sparking a police investigation.

The avid surfer Gavin Andrew is said to have swum in the pool of his rented house in Denpasar City on the popular holiday island on Tuesday (April 20).

A villa worker who was sweeping the yard told police they saw the 43-year-old underwater in the narrow pool and did not bother him when they thought he was practicing “diving”.

Ten minutes later, a delivery driver arriving to drop off a suitcase saw Gavin in the pool and discovered something was wrong when the tourist did not return to the surface.

36-year-old Villa employee Ni Putu Wiwik Widyanuari called her husband to pull Gavin out of the water with the help of the delivery driver and immediately called the paramedics because he appeared to be unresponsive.

Emergency services tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate Gavin and he was later pronounced dead.

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Officials from the South Denpasar Police Station came to investigate the scene and sent the Briton’s body to the hospital for an autopsy.

Public relations officer Iptu Ketut Sukadi said they found various types of drugs such as pain relievers in the tourist’s room while checking.

He said, “The witness who first saw Gavin thought he was practicing diving so she would not disturb him. It was 10 minutes later, the victim did not come to the surface and made the witness suspicious, so she called her husband at.

“In his bedroom there were drugs like Panadol that were missing six pills. Other drugs are doses of Sertraline Hexal and Lyrica Pregabalin, both of which had already been used.

“We found no evidence of bodily harm.”

Police said they found various drugs in his room (photo in stock)

Police said Gavin had been at the villa since March 18, but workers said he had not complained to them about any illness.

However, Gavin reportedly injured his waist while surfing on a nearby beach when he fell and hit a reef on April 17.

The police are investigating whether an illness drowned him while swimming.

He was wearing swim shorts when he was found in the pool.

Officer Iptu said the tourist’s body was taken to the hospital for autopsy and they waited for the result while the embassy contacted his overseas family.

He added, “Gavin had been at the villa for more than a month and often swam in the pool with no problem.

Brit tourist, 43, found dead in Bali swimming pool sparking police investigation 1

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“The victim is suspected of being sick, but we will certainly develop it further.

“The man’s body was taken to Sanglah General Hospital for an autopsy.”

Comment was requested from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.


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