Brit twins savaged by huge crocodile in Mexico refuse to end world tour early

British twins who fought off a crocodile while on vacation in Mexico have no plans to end their trip prematurely.

Georgia Laurie, 28, has described how she fought off the carnivore and “punched it in the nose” three times to protect her sister Melissa, who was fighting for her life following the brutal attack last week.

The 7-foot crocodile dragged Melissa underwater in a “death roll” and had to be placed in a medically induced coma.

Melissa has since woken up, and Georgia revealed the shocking details of how she jumped in the water on Sunday to rescue her sister from the Mexican lagoon.

The woman from Sandhurst, Berkshire, smacked the scaly predator in the nose with both hands, causing it to swim away.

The trained diver then rocked her sister while she swam to safety while the crocodile launched another attack on her.

Despite the harrowing ordeal, Georgia and Melissa don’t plan to end their vacation.

Georgia told The Sun, “Melissa has a broken wrist that will take longer to heal than her other injuries.

“She might as well relax here as being bored at home.

Georgia stepped in to save her sister

“We’re definitely not going to end our world tour. We want to go on. I can relax here and so can you. “

The twins had visited a spot about 10 miles from the Puerto Escondido surf resort.

A tour guide reportedly took them to an area known as the “nesting site” for crocodiles – rather than the lagoon where tourists were usually brought.

The extent of Melissa’s injuries became clear when she was dragged into a boat.

Georgia said her twin is coughing blood and saying, “I’m drowning, I’m drowning”.

She had been lying face down in the water and kept passing out.

Georgia suffered stab wounds, a broken wrist, and cuts to her stomach, which doctors feared she could develop sepsis.

She was rushed to a hospital in Puerto Escondido, and Georgia was also treated for bites and cuts on her arms and legs.

The twins plan to continue their vacation

Melissa is now recovering in the hospital

Melissa recorded a voice message saying, “I am extremely grateful that I got out of this alive and that Georgia is fighting for me on my side. I’m very happy for that. “

Since the attack, the family has set up a crowdfunding site aiming to hit £ 35,000 to pay medical bills and fly the twins’ parents to Mexico.

The couple had volunteered and booked a tour of the Manialtepec Lagoon during a vacation break.

Melissa is expected to stay in the hospital for up to two weeks.


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