Brit wife lies unconscious next to dead husband after they fall down gully

A British woman lay unconscious by her dead husband’s side for nine hours after the couple fell into a ravine that suddenly opened near their home in Spain.

The expat was rescued when she came to after spending the night in the abyss on the Costa del Sol.

The woman was able to alert emergency services of her plight, but nothing could be done to save her 74-year-old husband, also British, who died after putting his head on a stone seven feet deep Had punched a hole.

The canyon, which was originally considered a sinkhole, is believed to have been caused by a flood almost 15 years ago that began to deteriorate.

However, according to local reports today, the local community in charge of the area has been denied permission to carry out repairs.

The couple at the center of the tragedy have not yet been named.

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They are believed to have fallen into the gorge while using a shortcut to drive home in a residential area called San Juan de Capistrano north of the town of Nerja on the eastern Costa del Sol.

Local reports said they had just returned from the city center by bus and ordered a takeaway pizza and drinks from a bar at the bus stop before the tragedy erupted around 9 p.m. on March 6.

The survivor was not able to sound the alarm until 6 a.m. the next day, according to the incident published by the Malaga-based daily Diario Sur.

Path in El Capistrano nearby where a sinkhole hole opened

Barriers were erected around the hole while a more permanent solution was found.

A local who lived on the same property as the couple said, “The place they fell is actually a gully that worsened after a 2007 flash flood.

“The flash flood washed away a sidewalk that was there.

“The regional government had given permission for repairs, but the estate managers were waiting for a building permit from the town hall.

“It was taped off and the residents knew they shouldn’t have gone there, but it’s a very tempting shortcut.”

Another local resident added, “They went into the gorge on the path that was interrupted by the flood.

“It was night and it had rained.

“The woman and her husband had lived in the area for some time, but they kept themselves very much to themselves.

“She’s fine physically, but obviously very desperate.

“Neighbors and friends gather to support them and keep an eye on them.”

Pizza restaurant and bus stop in El Capistrano, where a British couple is said to have stopped before falling into a sinkhole

In June last year, a British expat died when he fell into an uncovered manhole in the resort of Calahonda an hour’s drive west of Nerja.

39-year-old Richie Kennedy died instantly of head injuries after falling down the hole, but his body was undetected for 15 hours.

The expat, originally from Brighton, East Sussex, was walking home from friends when he stumbled and fell.

His distraught partner Claus Dueholm told last August how he found his body.

The 56-year-old hotel worker said, “I called an ambulance and helped his stepfather jump into the 8 foot hole, but we couldn’t help him until about two hours later.”

“At this point he was completely cold, he had been lying there for more than 15 hours.

The police and the ambulance people couldn’t reach him, so it didn’t come until the fire department came with a ladder and they finally got him out.


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