Britain's Emma Raducanu beats Leyla Fernandez in all-teen U.S. Open final

Two teenagers wowed the world by reaching the American Grand Slam final, but in the end the younger of the two, Emma Raducanu, showed the calm nerves and steely determination of a champion to beat Leylah Fernandez for the title.

Even when 19-year-old Fernandez, who seemed to screw up every ball during the tournament, saved two match points in the second set, Raducanu, 18, held out 6-4, 6-3 for the win.

Raducanu sacrificed part of the skin on her left knee in the effort when she slipped on it to take a shot late in the second set. The injury resulted in a medical break.

The two rocked the tennis world on their way up to the finals in Flushing Meadow. Raducanu from Great Britain finished in 150th place. Fernandez from Canada finished 73rd and just turned 19 on Monday. Neither was sown. In fact, Raducanu was the first professional-era qualifier to win a Grand Slam tournament.

Both women are of Asian descent, and Fernandez is also Latina. Together they cheered a lot of the world and at the same time wondered which finalist to prefer on a warm New York afternoon.

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