Britain's most notorious paedophile bids for freedom

A man dubbed Britain’s most notorious pedophile is set to post a new offer on parole next week.

94-year-old Sidney Cooke is serving at HMP Wakefield over a catalog of sexual assaults on two young brothers.

Cooke was sentenced to at least five years in prison in 1999 and has been in Wakefield Prison ever since.

He will face a panel of the parole board after being rejected nine times. Mirror online reports. He is expected to claim that because of his age and illness, he is no longer a threat to the public.

The panel’s decision will be announced later this month.

A source said: “Just because he’s 94 doesn’t mean he is no longer a threat to the public. They can still be a risk regardless of age. “

The last time Cooke was released in 1998 caused a public outcry. He was forced to wear an electronic badge and was detained in a police station for his own protection.

The former fairground worker was sentenced to 16 years in prison in 1989 for killing 14-year-old Jason Swift who was found in a field in Essex.

He was only outside briefly before being arrested again in 1999.

The survivors’ trust

The Survivors Trust is the largest umbrella organization for specialized rape and sexual abuse services in the UK.

Their services work with victims and survivors of all ages, genders, forms of sexual violence, sexual abuse and exploitation, including assisting partners and family members.

If you have been a victim of a sexual offense, you can call the free helpline at 08088 010 818.

Cooke is part of the so-called Dirty Dozen gang, which has been linked to a number of unsolved crimes. Police believe they may have been involved in 17 other kidnappings and murders.

Retired detective David Bright said in 2017 that he feared the actions of Cooke and others would hide children in graves “across the country”.

He said, “He’s a bad, bad man.”

As a Lifer, Cooke’s case is reviewed every two years. He was not admitted to another probation hearing until he was 96 years old.

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