British expat tells of survivors 'physically shaking' in New Zealand terror attack

Pamela Goddard, 75, saw people running from the Countdown supermarket and said she spoke to a woman who claimed to have seen the knife man attack his first victim

The British Pamela Goddard saw people run out of the countdown supermarket (

Image: Pamela Goddard)

A British expat told how he “physically shivered” survivors fleeing the New Zealand terrorist attack.

Pamela Goddard, 75, saw people running out of the Countdown Supermarket when she arrived to do her shopping.

The retired teacher spoke to a woman who claimed to have seen the knife man attack his first victim.

Pamela, who emigrated to New Zealand around 45 years ago, said: “I saw people rushing out very quickly and thought there was a fire.

“Then a lady told me that she had been to the supermarket and saw the man stab someone a few meters away in the hallway.

Pamela said she felt lucky that she avoided getting involved in the carnage


Pamela Goddard)

Jacinda Ardern confirmed that the attacker was previously monitored by the police


AAP / PA images)

“She was an elderly lady alone and very shaken. I could see her hands were shaking from the shock.

“Another lady, a cashier, came out and she leaned over and was breathing very hard. She was clearly in shock.”

Pamela says locals are concerned about how the terrorist managed to injure so many people despite being persecuted by police.

Police respond to the countdown mass shootings in New Lynn Mall in Auckland, New Zealand


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She feels lucky that she avoided getting involved in the carnage.

Pamela lives on the coast in Cornwallis, which is about 30 minutes from the Auckland store.

She added, “It’s very strange because I would have been there when it happened.

“But I was stopped by a neighbor who called me and was stopped for 10 minutes.

“I owe you my thanks.”

The pictured attacker had been known to the police for years and is only referred to as an ‘S’ for legal reasons


New Zealand Herald)

Six people were injured in the attack on the New Lynn shopping center and three victims fought for their lives in the hospital.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said at a press conference that the attack was “IS inspired” and motivated by “violent ideology”.

Describing the attack as the acts of a ‘lone wolf’, she added, “It was hateful, it was wrong. It was carried out by an individual, not a belief.”

The 32-year-old was already being monitored around the clock and officials chasing him thought he had gone to the supermarket to shop when he suddenly launched an attack.

Officials shot the man dead within 60 seconds of the violent rampage, police said.

Ms. Ardern confirmed that the attacker had previously been monitored by the police and had been known to the authorities since 2016.

The attacker was a Sri Lankan national who arrived in the country in 2011, she said.

Ms. Ardern said he was “constantly monitored” and had been observed for about five years.

Although not officially identified, the attacker, known as “S”, is believed to be a 32-year-old man believed to be a public safety threat after buying two large hunting knives and owning Islamic State videos.


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