British man, 35, drowns in cove popular for cliff jumping and snorkelling

A British man drowned in an apparently tragic accident in Ibiza.

The 35-year-old man was pronounced dead on Wednesday at the scene of the crime after failing to attempt to be resuscitated by rescue workers.

Police and paramedics ran to Punta Galera, a bay near the popular resort of San Antonio, at around 6.15 p.m.

There are rock platforms in the area that are popular for cliff jumping, sunset watching, and snorkeling.

The Briton is said to have been rescued from the water while trying to save his life.

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It wasn’t immediately clear whether he lived in Ibiza.

The police have not yet made an official comment on the tragedy.

According to a local report, the dead man had practiced underwater photography and was with a friend who sounded the alarm.

Photos released on site showed rescue workers around the British practicing CPR on rocks near the water’s edge.

Police watched as they tried to save the life of the drowned victim, whose face was hidden in the pictures.

The man appeared to be wearing only black swim shorts.

The water seemed very calm with hardly any waves.

Travel reports for Ibiza describe Punta Galera as an old quarry by the sea that is a popular nudist area.

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They add: “It’s not very crowded, partly because there is neither a bar nor sand.

“It is easy to jump into the water, however, as the depth is more than two meters, apart from a few places where you can go over shallower submerged rocks.”

The quiet place can be reached by taking the San Antonio to Santa Agnes road and turning towards the sea before reaching a cove called Cala Salada.


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