British pensioner found deep in Thailand jungle after vanishing for three days

The man’s wife, Tawee Leonard, worried that something might have happened to the pensioner after he had not returned from his bike ride and had not told her where he was.

Leonard Barry Weller, who got lost in the Thai jungle for three days (

Image: ViralPress)

A British pensioner who had been missing in a forest in Thailand for three days was found in the jungle in a “deep state of exhaustion”.

The police in the province of Khon Kaen in northeastern Thailand searched for the Briton Leonard Barry Weller for three days after his wife reported him missing.

The 74-year-old was last seen at home by Tawee Leonard, his Thai wife, on September 1, before setting off on his motorcycle.

Tawee worried that something might have happened to the retiree after he didn’t return the next day and didn’t tell her his whereabouts.

A storm with heavy rain also hit the region, which raised fears that Leonard might have got lost in the flood.

Rescue workers finally found Leonard on the forest floor, several kilometers deep in the jungle



The Thai reported her concerns to the authorities, who launched a search and rescue operation on Thursday afternoon.

Seekers entered the Nong Saeng forest, where Leonard’s two-wheeled vehicle was found abandoned in a rice field in the village of Dong Yen.

Paramedic Nam Thongkham said today the searchers searched in vain for the missing Briton for two days.

The rescue team would take Leonard to a nearby community in a hammock



Leonard’s wife, along with relatives and concerned villagers, had also helped with the search and rescue effort.

Seekers had planned to fly thermal drones over the dense forest to find it, Thongkham said, but due to the heavy rainfall, they had to change direction.

According to reports from Local news agency News ch.7 Her rescuers finally found the man on the forest floor, several kilometers deep in the jungle.

The rescue team now planned to go back into the forest with a hammock that they would use to take Leonard down the hill to the nearby Ban Dong Yen community in Na Nio subdistrict.

Leonard had reportedly got into trouble when he got lost while riding his motorcycle in heavy rain.

Since he was unable to speak Thai, he could not communicate with the way home.


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