Britney Spears thanks #FreeBritney fans for help in bid to end conservatorship

Britney Spears thanked her worldwide army of supporters for their efforts to end their conservatories.

Members of the #FreeBritney movement have been campaigning for years against the legal regulation that has controlled the pop superstar’s life and career since 2008.

Fans partied wildly in a Los Angeles court last week when Spears’ father Jamie was suspended from his role overseeing his daughter’s money.

The controversial conservatory could be completely dissolved by the end of the year.

The 39-year-old singer thanked her supporters and said her support moved her to tears.

Spears tweeted: “#FreeBritney Movement … I have no words … because of you and your constant resilience to break free from my conservatory … my life is going in that direction now !!!!! I cried for two hours last night because my fans are the best and I know it …

“I feel your heart and you feel mine … I know that much is true !!!!”

A once-conquering pop star, Spears has not performed live since 2018 amid a heated argument with her father.

She scored a decisive legal victory over the 69-year-old on a dramatic day in court last week.

A judge ruled that Jamie was still affiliated with the Conservatory, no longer in the best interests of his daughter.

His legal department had fought the move.

Spears’ newly appointed attorney, Mathew S. Rosengart, fulfilled his promise to take a more aggressive approach to end the conservatories the star was placed under after being deemed unable to fend for himself.

Mr. Rosengart told the court that his client would be “extremely disturbed” if Jamie stayed in office.

A hearing to end the conservatories is scheduled for November.

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