Brits could leave lockdown and socialise with 'health passport'

With a new “health passport” vaccinated people could leave the lock and lead a normal life again.

The government is supposed to speak to a technology company about the groundbreaking idea.

The invention would apply to those who received the Covid-19 vaccine.
Louis-James Davis of VST Enterprises in Manchester says he spoke with the Department of Health about the secure scanner, which is accessed through a cell phone application. The mirror reports.

How the health pass and the app would work

Once a user was registered, the app displayed a circular barcode called VCode that could be scanned from ten feet away and showed if it was likely that someone was safe to enter an event or venue.

Pub chefs could then determine, for example, whether a person was vaccinated and would also know the date and results of any Covid tests.

shipment tracking

The app would also act as a track and trace system, the company claims.
The 32-year-old told The Sun, “It’s not yet clear what restrictions will apply later in the year, but the VCode could handle all of those restrictions.”
“The organizers would be confident of getting you into an event and you would feel safe knowing that the others are in the low risk category too.”
He claims the scanner is “not hackable and tamper-proof” so that passports cannot be forged and users’ private data cannot be stolen.

The idea of ​​a “passport” that could allow certain people not to be blocked has been circulating since the beginning of the pandemic.
Initially, both Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock were optimistic that antibody tests that could indicate that someone already had Covid-19 could offer a way out.
But those “immunity passports” were put on hold because scientists couldn’t say for sure that a single illness wouldn’t prevent you from getting it again.
The vaccine version could offer a different approach. The government has stated that such passports will never be required in the UK to access vital services such as school and the NHS.
Ministers have suggested, however, that this could serve to give people access to private services.
Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi said, “I think you will likely find that restaurants and bars and cinemas, as well as other venues, sports venues, are likely to use this system as well.”
In November, SAGE said, “Immunity certification is theoretically possible, but more data and consideration are needed before a recommendation can be made.”


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