BT engineer turned drug dealer bragged about how much he was selling

A BT engineer who led a double life as an Encrochat drug dealer bragged in text messages about how much cocaine he was selling.

Daniel Wilson – who also volunteered to deliver medicines and groceries to the elderly and vulnerable during the lockdown – sold cocaine, heroin and cannabis through the encrypted messaging service used by criminals. the Liverpool Echo reports.

Wilson, using the username ‘Normalair’, discussed the price of cocaine with fellow dealers, boasting on one occasion, “My buddy from the other side will always be 10/10 colo cheaper” heard.

“I did three to five a week. The work was decent … ”Wilson boasted in another message to a dealer, which meant that he had traded between three and five kilograms of cocaine in a week.

When asked which “stamps” he’d given out with cocaine, Wilson replied, “d1, patek ones, LV, Chanel was decent. Rolex wasn’t that good.”

In another message about the quality of cocaine, Wilson said, “My buddy in Dubai should get it by the weekend / early next week.

Charles Lander, prosecutor, said the judicial police were able to identify Wilson as the user of the handle after sending a picture of himself to another Encrochat user in his garden and writing “Cheers Brother”.

Police raided his home in Wirral on March 16 this year, finding in his bedroom 1,753.49 pounds in cash, a scale and two bags of cocaine weighing 33.63 g and 10.07 g, respectively.

Just under a kilogram of cannabis worth up to 14,865 pounds was also found under the seat of Wilson’s Range Rover.

Philip Astbury, who defended, said Wilson, who had an “impressive work record”, became addicted to gambling after a bereavement that “got out of hand”.

He said Wilson used loan sharks when he got into debt, despite his job reference, and then got an opportunity to repay the money through drug trafficking.

Mr Astbury said there was “a certain amount of courage and exaggeration” in the amounts of drugs he told others he was dealing with.

Wilson of Silverbeech Road, Poulton, Wirral, admitted a conspiracy to supply cocaine, heroin and cannabis, as well as a conspiracy to transform criminal property.

He also admitted possession with intent to supply cocaine and cannabis, as well as possession of criminal property following the raid on his home.

Recorder David O’Mahony said, “The prosecution accepts that you have exaggerated on occasion.”

The judge added that he appeared to have built trust with others as “someone who could get those multi-kilogram quantities”.

It was accepted that Wilson was selling five kilograms of cocaine, two kilograms of heroin and six kilograms of cannabis while he was laundering £ 260,000 worth of money, the court heard.

Wilson was sentenced to seven years and eight months in prison during the hearing on Monday, June 7th.


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