BTS: Jimin reveals what it takes to be HAPPY

BTS: Jimin reveals what it takes to be HAPPY

Jimin, the star singer of BTS, caused a sensation at the ARMY when he revealed the 10 things that make him extremely happy.

BTS star Jimin has revealed the things he needs to live a happy life and during a fun interview, he blew away the ARMY fandom.

BTS continues to promote “Dynamite” and prepare for their comeback with “BE” on November 20th. K-pop group BigHit has also released several releases, including the Japanese DVD of “Map of the soul 7: The Journey,” where they held various activities, including a question and answer session between Jimin and Jungkook.

In one of the DVD segments, the singer was interviewed by his partner, who conducted a very funny interview with him. The Bangtan idol shared with ARMY some of his flavors and the things he needs in life to be happy. It was a game of “What do you prefer?” The singer of “Serendipity” explained why he chose every thing.

Jimin only needs 10 things in life that are his favorites, because they make him happy or because he can live without them all day long.

The first revelation is about his favorite song in Japanese, he chose “You eyes Tell” because he likes it, continuing with the music he identifies romantically with “Boy with Luv”.

Jimin reveals his favorite things in life

During Jungkook’s interview with Jimin, the idol also confessed that winter is his favorite season, since he likes snow, he even prefers cold drinks because he is sensitive to heat. He chose the sea about his favorite place, so the beach would be a good idea for a vacation.

In food, Jimin prefers Jajangmyeo, the famous black bean and kimchi noodles. When it comes to challenges, when the idol had to take on something difficult, he prefers not to blink for a minute.

As for his favorite pastimes, Jimin admitted that he’s been a video game fan lately and would rather spend a day without music than without the Internet.

These were the 10 basic things the idol needs in life to be happy. Do you have one?

One of the essential things about Jimin is his sweet voice, he relives the moments when he fell in love with ARMY.


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