Bug On iPhones Prevents Use Of WhatsApp; See How To Fix

whatsapp: Last Tuesday (14), some iPhone users started reporting that they had problems opening whatsapp on iOS. According to Apple’s own customers, the problem started shortly after the company’s operating system was updated with version 15.2.

Despite the new version, it seems that the bug has nothing to do with iOS 15.2 as some users with other versions have also complained about the bug. In other words, the problem must lie with the whatsapp app for iPhone — it’s important to mention that some consumers were also unable to open whatsapp Business.

How to work around the bug?

According to the WABetaInfo website, some iPhone users managed to get around the bug and use the app by activating Airplane Mode. So if you are experiencing the same issue, enable the option and go back to using the app.

As revealed by users, the problem behaves in the same way on different iPhone devices: when opening WhatsApp, the application closes and no longer opens, preventing the user from sending, reading, or listening to messages.

so far, whatsapp has not revealed anything about the event. However, the company should already be working on an update to fix the bug and allow iPhone users to use the app normally again.

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