Bugatti Has Launched Three New Smartwatches With Stylish Design!

Bugatti, one of the first manufacturers that comes to mind when it comes to sports cars, has launched its new smart watches with stylish design. Here are the price and features of it Bugatti smart watches.

Bugatti, one of the leaders of the automotive industry, continues to keep up with today’s technology. The manufacturer, which previously appeared with some smart watches, is now playing its trump card with three new smart watches.

Bugatti, which comes to mind first when it comes to sports cars, teamed up with VIITA for its new smart watches. With steps to become a leading brand in the watch category, VIITA also has a big stake in it Bugatti’s New products.

Three new smartwatches with stylish design from Bugatti

Bugatti’s new smart watches; Bugatti Pur Sport echoes the design of iconic models such as Le Noire and Divo. On the function side, all watches have very rich functions. These watches, which have important capabilities such as acceleration and GPS tracking, also support 90 different sports modes, along with a fitness and health sensor. In addition, thanks to the dual-purpose heart sensor, it is possible to measure heart rate and variability.

Bugatti’s three new smart watches; with the highest precision and excellent comfort. Users who own these watches can choose between the titanium or other bands offered for them.

All these watches have a stylish looking bezel that is scratch resistant. On the battery side, each comes with 445 mAh batteries that promise two weeks of use.

On the other side on the face of the clocks; It features an LED touchscreen with a resolution of 390 x 390 pixels.

In terms of pricing, these smart watches have been developed by Bugatti and VITTA don’t have very expensive labels like cars. However, because it is equipped with first-class materials, it falls back into the category of luxury watches. Currently, the price is set at 899 euros for users who want to reach this watch early. Chances are of course that there will be a discount on these prices in the coming days.

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