Bulgaria bus crash: Children among 46 people killed in horror motorway smash

The accident happened around 2 a.m., said the head of the fire protection department of the Interior Ministry, Nikolai Nikolov

The tragedy happened in Bulgaria

At least 46 people, including children, have been killed in a horror bus on a highway in western Bulgaria, officials say.

In addition to the victims of the tragedy, seven people with burns were taken to a hospital in the capital Sofia, the head of the fire department of the Interior Ministry, Nikolai Nikolov, told private BTV television.

“At least 45 people were killed when a bus caught fire and crashed or crashed and then caught fire,” Nikolov said.

The accident happened around 2 a.m., he added. The scene of the accident is cordoned off.

Most of the victims were from North Macedonia, an official from the North Macedonian embassy in Sofia told BTV.

The area has been cordoned off

None of the victims has yet been identified.

Before the accident, which occurred on the Struma motorway about 45 kilometers west of Sofia, 53 people were on board, mainly tourists from North Macedonia.

Bulgarian interim prime minister Stefan Yanev has gone to the scene of the tragedy.

Local media reports That the North Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said of the incident: “The causes of the incident are being investigated.

“We don’t know if all passengers are our citizens, but we suspect it is because the bus has a Macedonian license.”

Reporter at the scene of the accident



An official from Sofia Emergency Hospital said the seven people being treated jumped off the burning bus.

All should be in a stable condition.

North Macedonian Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani said the coaching group was returning to Skopje from a weekend vacation in Istanbul, Turkey.

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