Bulldog found dumped in rucksack in river

Bulldog found dumped in rucksack in river

The body of a dead dog was pulled from a river and thrown away in a way that the RSPCA described as “totally inappropriate”.

The British bulldog was found in a sleeping bag in a dark blue 60 liter backpack.

It was found in the Taff River in Troedyrhiw near Merthyr Tydfil, Wales. The mirror reports.

The light brown and white adult bitch had a microchip but was not linked to the details of an owner, said RSPCA Cymru.

The animal welfare organization also confirmed that the pet had no visible injuries or signs of trauma.

It was found in the river on Thursday June 11th, but veterinary examinations indicate that the dog was dead some time earlier.

The dog’s cause of death is unknown, but is not treated as suspicious.

Instead, it seems possible that someone disposed of the body of their dead pet but put it in the river.

It has resulted in RSPCA reminding Cymru that throwing a dead pet into a river is “totally inappropriate” – and highlighting a number of other options available to people who have suffered such a loss.

“If anyone has information about this dog, please call our appellate service on 0300 123 8018,” said a charity spokesman.

“However, there are no obvious injuries or trauma – or anything that indicates suspicious circumstances related to death.

Inspector Gemma Cooper said: “Veterinarians believe this dog was dead for about a week before the body was found.

“Instead, it seems very likely that someone disposed of a dead animal in this way, but it is totally inappropriate to dispose of such a body.

“There are many options for those who have unfortunately lost their pet and do not know what to do with the body, including burial, animal cemeteries, or a vet who takes care of the body instead.”

The RSPCA also provides guidance for those who have problems after losing a pet and how to deal with the bereavement.



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