Bullet suspected to have killed cinematographer on Alec Baldwin film recovered

A “lead projectile” believed to have been fired from the gun used on the set where a cameraman was killed has been recovered, a district sheriff said.

Halyna Hutchins died after actor Alec Baldwin fired a prop gun on the set of the western movie Rust in New Mexico.

Director Joel Souza was also injured but is recovering after his discharge from hospital.

Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza and Santa Fe County Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies held a press conference Wednesday announcing that a “lead projectile” had been recovered from the director’s shoulder.

The projectile, “apparently the same round” that killed Hutchins, is suspected to be a live projectile, but Sheriff Mendoza said this could not be confirmed until further testing, reports the PA news agency.

About 500 rounds of ammunition were recovered from the set, the sheriff said, adding it was too early to say if a criminal complaint will be filed.

Ms. Carmack-Altwies said a “full and thorough investigation is vital” but “if the facts and evidence and the law support the indictment, I will initiate prosecution at this point”.

When asked about Baldwin, the prosecutor said that “now all options are on the table”.

She said, “I do not comment on charges, whether they are filed or not, or against whom.

“We cannot answer that question until we have completed a more thorough investigation.

“Nobody is excluded at this point.”

Baldwin previously said he was heartbroken by the incident and was fully cooperating with the investigation.

Two people were handling the revolver, which the prosecutor described as an “antique-timely weapon” before it was turned over to Baldwin, the sheriff said.

According to the authorities, it was the gunsmith Hannah Gutierrez-Reed and the deputy director David Halls.

She and Baldwin have been cooperative, the sheriff added.

Of the approximately 500 rounds found on the set, dummies, blanks and presumed live rounds are suspected.

FBI experts will make the final decision, but the sheriff said he anticipates more live rounds to be confirmed.

He refused to speculate on how they could be found on the set.

An assistant director handed the gun to Baldwin, 63, shouting “cold gun,” suggesting it was safe, court records show.

Police were called to reports of an on-set shooting at Bonanza Creek Ranch at around 2:00 p.m. local time on October 21.

Hutchins, 42, was an aspiring camerawoman, and her death stunned Hollywood and sparked an industry-wide debate about on-set safety.

Rust’s production has been halted while police are investigating the incident and producers are reportedly opening an internal investigation into the fatal shootout.

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