Bulls observations: The full Dennis Rodman experience sends Knicks packing

Knicks hit the links and the Bulls go to the Eastern Conference Finals. Comments:“data-reactid =” 13 “>The Knicks hit the links and the Bulls advance to the Eastern Conference Finals. Comments:

winning the attacking glass 84-45) in the series. “data-reactid =” 15 “> This series felt like the full Dennis Rodman experience, and it was ravishing, producing an average of 15.6 rebounds (4.8 offensive) over five games and two games- swinging assists to exit Game 4 at The Garden As a team, the Bulls +39 were on the boards (winning the attacking glass 84-45) In the series.

In the clincher, Rodman placed 11 points and 12 rebounds – relatively pedestrian by his standards. But he was ubiquitous everywhere, a whirlwind of limbs that entered every rebound scrum, passing the orbit and screen. His swagger and unbridled joy for the game were also fully visible:

Any erroneous call (there were six in this, plus an ejection) yielded an accomplishment. Every bump from a Knicks player provoked subtle retribution. And every move he made was answered by loud cheers from the home crowd. Chicago really liked Rodman and he deserved it every time he stepped on the floor.

It all ended with a litany of peak moments from Dennis in the fourth quarter. With just over four minutes to play, he jumped off the floor and in the arms of Luc Longley after a quick break from Longley that he assisted set the Bulls to 13. Moments later, he ended the game with a lay-down. out for a similar party (this time, Ron Harper got the hug).

And the coups de gras: with about a minute to go and the game out of reach, he picked up a suspicious second technical foul (which led to an ejection) after committing a sixth personal foul. A fiery exit and passionate jersey thrown into the insane UC stands covered it. All in one day work for The Worm. His evolution from a fierce rival to a beloved antihero is truly a sight to behold.

Walk of Shame but we are sure it was as entertaining as ever after this one. “data-reactid =” 26 “> NBC Sports Chicago was unfortunately unable to extract the role from the games in this game Walk of Shame but we are sure it was still entertaining after this one.

Those were the words of Tom Dore in the beginning of the fourth quarter, and boys were suitable. For this game and the whole series.

Without a doubt, Bulls-Knicks in the mid-90s seems like a recipe for slog. A fistfight where all hits are contested midrange jumpers and wild elbows. Just once in the series, a team earned 100 points (the Knicks, in Game 3). In this, the Knicks hit their first 3-pointer by just over a minute in the third quarter (finishing 2-for-13 overall).

Man, how times have changed:

But in the end, this series boils down to another vulture, one of which the Knicks seemed noticeably demoralized towards the end of 2007. The Bulls’ swagger is simply unparalleled. We’ve described Rodman’s individual achievements, but there’s really a collective sense of inevitability when this team is rolling, like in the second half of this game. Somehow, Michael Jordan’s 36-point average in this series felt under the radar, but he was able to seemingly tear up New York’s hearts on a whim.

And even outside the players, this team’s energy seemed to seep into the city around them. At some point in this game, cameras chanted for a fan-posted “Title Ticker” on the UC wall, counting the number of remaining wins to a subsequent Bulls Championship. “Another One Bites the Dust” rang when the Knicks walked away, defeated. Even from afar it is clear that this dynasty was a city-wide effort.

And another jewel from the late series, from Johnny “Red” Kerr:

So long, Bloomers.

  • Jordan (35 points, 5 assists) and Pippen (15 points, 11 rebounds, 5 steals) remain absolutely ridiculous. And Ron Harper, who turned in an impactful 12, is still one of my biggest personal revelations from this Rewind run. Couldn’t go on this whole message without shouting their nights.

  • We had a sad, then animated, and then again sad Spike Lee who appeared on this show multiple times. You just have to respect the grind.

  • Serious. Bring back the classic Bulls intro theme. I will never ask anything again.

  • Uh what?

  • See you Wednesday at 7pm CT for Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Magic.

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    Bulls Observations: The full Dennis Rodman experience sends Knicks to pack originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago“data-reactid =” 53 “>Bulls Observations: The full Dennis Rodman experience sends Knicks to pack originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

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