Bungling dad's lunchbox mistake leaves schoolgirl 'throwing up' at school

A hapless father has taken to social media to share how his lunchbox mistake left his daughter “in agony”.

An anonymous Redditor spoke out about an innocent mix-up which saw him accidentally sent his daughter to school with a sandwich covered in some of the hottest hot sauce there is, the Mirror reports.

He wrote that he always prepares lunch for his two daughters and his wife too when she works an early shift.

But it wasn’t long before things took an unexpected turn for the worst.

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The man said: “I made ham sandwiches for all three lunches – two normal sandwiches for my daughter’s and one sandwich with THE LAST DAB spread across thickly on both sides of the sandwich. I put them all into baggies and packed up.

“If you don’t know what The Last Dab is, it’s a hot sauce made by a popular YouTube channel that sits at 3 million SCOVILLE.

“It’s not for the weak. It’s powerful, it sets your whole body on fire and there isn’t much to do but try milk and wait for the spice to pass.”

Things went from bad to worse when he got a call from his oldest daughter’s teacher saying she was “in agony”.

The poor schoolgirl had been sent to the nurse’s office after throwing up all over the floor.

The man continued on Reddit: “I immediately knew what I did, left work and rushed to the school.

“When I got there, the nurse had figured out what happened and I got an earful from her about the dangers of spicy food for young kids and I could have done some damage.

“I explained what happened to the principal who wanted to fill out an incident report. He was understanding that mistakes happen but also said this mistake could have been worse.”

Reddit users were stuck between feeling bad for the man’s daughter and finding the situation funny.

One person said: “I don’t know if I should feel bad or laugh my a**off.”

Another wrote: “Pretty rough school day, being floored by lab strength capsaicin.”

A third commented: “She will never trust another sandwich made by you again lol.”

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