Bungling terror gang accidentally film themselves with drone while spying on Israel


The Lebanon terrorist cell was soon identified from the camera’s memory card – as well as their car’s number plate – when the drone was shot down by Israeli forces

Terrorists accidentally filmed themselves spying on Israel

Bumbling terrorists scored a “drone goal” after accidentally filming themselves with their own UAV while spying on Israel.

When the drone was shot down by Israeli forces, troops found images of Hezbollah’s “elite” unit that launched it.

The terrorist cell from Lebanon was quickly identified on the memory card of the drone camera – as was the number plate of their car.

It was one of many Hezbollah drones — controlled by an Iran-backed special forces unit — that are sent to Israel on spy missions to plan attacks — or drop small bombs.

Israel’s military has been warning of Hezbollah attacks from southern Lebanon for years.

This drone was launched from southern Lebanon where Hezbollah has bases and is believed to have underground missile and missile dumps.

Israel Defense Forces found the memory card and identified at least two members of the elite terrorist squad

It is feared that Iran-funded Hezbollah has 200,000 rockets and missiles ready to be fired at Israel, with the ability to launch up to over 4,000 per day if all-out war erupts.

Every week, Hezbollah sends drones on surveillance missions over its border with Israel – but it also has the ability to send a “swarm” of the tiny UAVs – and arm them with grenades.

The latest drone downing was revealed after the Israeli military gave the Daily Mirror a rare glimpse of its war against Hezbollah’s drone army.

Two members of the Iran-backed Shia network were filmed from their own drone launching it ahead of the flight mission to Israel.

Israeli sources say they have identified the drone operators – part of a shadowy group called the Radwan Unit, named after their former leader.

The group was trained by Iranian forces in both Lebanon and Syria, which are trying to step up attacks on Israel.

They have also fought alongside President Assad’s Syrian army and Russian special forces in the war zone, a country neighboring Israel.

An Israeli security source said: “They have been operating in Syria for the last few years, helping the Assad regime in the civil war, fighting shoulder to shoulder with the Syrians and also the Russians and learning a lot from them.

“And they are now responsible for Hezbollah’s plan to invade Israel and carry out as many attacks as possible on Israeli civilians.”

The drone was launched from southern Lebanon

The Radwan unit was responsible for a tunnel system designed to flood Israel with fighters, which was destroyed in 2018.

The source added: “They were the ones who were supposed to go through the tunnels and execute as many civilians as possible.

“Lots of terrorists killing just as many civilians and that’s part of the plan.
“It is part of Iran’s larger idea to export the revolution and keep it going.

“This particular drone was shot down and we got the information on the map in the drone and these images.

“They intend to infiltrate and find the best routes and ways to actually be able to invade Israel and carry out these terrorist attacks.”

Now the Israel Defense Forces have identified the Hezbollah operatives. The source added, “We have their faces and we can see them properly and it’s the cars they’re in with their license plates and we know who they are.”

Hezbollah is believed to have also planned “swarm” attacks by drones capable of dropping grenades at civilian targets.

Hezbollah has been at war with Israel since its inception in 1985 and was classified as a terrorist organization by the United Kingdom in 2019.

In addition to its many combat units, Hezbollah also plays a significant role in the government of Lebanon.

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